Everyday Taijiquan was founded in 1999 by Jim Bayer, who has benefited greatly from his practice of Taiji, and is dedicated to sharing it with others. In 2015 Jim became an affiliate instructor in Heaven Man Earth Taiji International, the Taiji school of Sifu Adam Mizner.

Jim Bayer began studying Taijiquan at the T’ai Chi Ch’uan Center of Milwaukee in 1992, and was certified to teach about 8 years later. He served on the Center’s Board of Directors for over 25 years. His teaching style combines humor and hard work, and while he emphasizes the healing and personal growth aspects of Taiji, he enjoys sharing its self-defense capacities as well. He currently has over 20,000 hours of classroom teaching experience. Jim intends to share the complete traditional art of Taijiquan, helping to preserve it for future generations.


In 2017 Jim won gold medals in fixed step and restricted step push hands at the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Orlando, FL.