Heaven Man Earth


Heaven Man Earth Taiji International

In 2015 Everyday Taijiquan became an affiliate school of Sifu Adam Mizner’s Heaven Man Earth Taiji International. Sifu Mizner is an extraordinarily gifted practitioner and teacher of Taijiquan within the Huang Sheng Shyan branch of the Ch’eng Man-ch’ing lineage. He has been conducting workshops in the U.S. since about 2010, including in Milwaukee, some footage of which can be seen in this video. Many of the people that he effortlessly tosses are respected teachers of Taiji who have trained for several decades! There are many excellent videos of Sifu Mizner on YouTube. For those that are unable to attend regular classes, Sifu Mizner has developed a very successful and comprehensive online training course, Discover Taiji.

Many people train external Taijiquan forms for years or decades hoping to find the internal aspects, and indeed some people are successful to some extent. Sifu Mizner’s system begins with comprehensive internal practices, and then brings those into form training. Many years of effort are saved by this approach!




Students who wish to pay their annual dues to HME International may do so here.

For more information call (414) 217-7601 or everydaytaiji at gmail dot com.